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Contoh Narrative Text : Legend of Malin Kundang

Legend of Malin Kundang

A long time past, during a little village close to the beach in West Sumatra, a girl and her son lived. They were Malin Kundang and her mother. Her mother was one parent as a result of Malin Kundang's father had died once he was a baby. Malin Kundang had to measure arduous together with his mother.

Malin Kundang was a healthy, dilligent, and robust boy. He typically visited ocean to catch fish. once obtaining fish he would bring it to his mother, or sold  the caught fish within the city.

One day, once Malin Kundang was sailing, he saw a merchant's ship that was being raided by atiny low band of pirates. He helped the bourgeois. together with his brave and power, Malin Kundang defeated the pirates. The bourgeois was therefore happy and thanked to him. reciprocally the bourgeois asked Malin Kundang to sail with him. to induce a much better life, Malin Kundang united. He left his mother alone.

Many years later, Malin Kundang became affluent. He had a large ship and was helped by several ship crews loading commerce merchandise. absolutely he had a good looking better half too. once he was sailing his commerce journey, his ship landed on a beach close to atiny low village. The villagers recognized him. The news ran quick within the town; “Malin Kundang has become wealthy and currently he's here”.

An recent lady ran to the beach to satisfy the new wealthy bourgeois. She was Malin Kundang’s mother. She wished to hug him, free her unhappiness of being lonely once farewell time. sadly, once the mother came, Malin Kundang WHO was before of his well dressed and his ship crews denied meeting that recent lonely woman. for 3 times her mother begged Malin Kundang and for 3 times he shouted at her. finally Malin Kundang aforementioned to her "Enough, recent woman! I even have ne'er had a mother such as you, a grimy and ugly woman!" then he ordered his crews to line sail. He would depart the recent mother once more however therein time she was jam-packed with each unhappiness and emotional arousal.

Finally, enraged, she cursed Malin Kundang that he would become a stone if he did not apologize. Malin Kundang simply laughed and extremely set sail.

In the quiet ocean, suddenly a electrical storm came. His immense ship was destroyed and it had been too late for Malin Kundang to apologize. He was thrown by the wave out of his ship. He fell on atiny low island. it had been extremely too late for him to avoid his curse. Suddenly, he became a stone.

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